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The Aune Legacy - Chapter 1.2

Hello there!

Guess who's back? Well.. After being abroad for a year. (yes a very long time without my computer) I am back, and definitely continuing on the Aune legacy. I've been exploring and playing around with the sims 4 for a bit now, but I still want to continue with the sims 3 and writing a legacy is just so relaxing for me. If you're a new reader, I welcome you dearly. And if you started reading this legacy a YEAR ago.. you might want to have a look at the previous chapters which you can find right >here<

So, after probably the craziest break in legacy history, welcome to another chapter of the Aune Legacy!
In the last chapter things got a bit heated... literally .___. And Kae wasn't too eager when it came to studying at the university, welp.
But I discovered she can dance! Quite terribly, for that matter...

Kaelyn: SHUT UP!

Ah, sorry Kae. Anyway, if you want to know how this legacy proceeds, please press clicketyclick where it says clicketyclick. Oh, and thank you lovelies for your kind comments! I really wouldn't have the energy to post if it wasn't for you guys :*


Bild 1

Why good morning to you Kaelyn!

Kaelyn: Thanks!

Look at you, happy as ever! Got the fire from yesterday put out..?

Kaelyn: Mhm. And I slept really well too ♥

Great. I really hope I won't see anymore of your pyromanic side then. It was scary man .___.

Kaelyn: Whateveeer. i just want waffles now.

Bild 2

Whilst Kaelyn is eating some breakfast I managed to take some pretty sunrise pictures, and I really like this one! Heh, just to show you how pretty the pixelated uni world really is!

Bild 3

And when I checked on Kaelyn I didn't find her. Instead I found an small tornado in Kaelyn's bathroom... What on earth are you doing??

Bild 4

Kaelyn: Heh. Relax. I was just changing clothes!

Ah, I got worried. I mean you're a witch after all! Ohwell. Let's head to class!

Bild 5

Kaelyn: ♫ I'm riding on my bicycleeee I'm riding on my biiike. ♬

Bild 6

Now, I decided to do some stalking being all bored with Kaelyn in class... you know just in case I'd see some hubby material.
Well, as we all know... Babies are inevitable in a legacy. Hee!
But, to my surprise the WHOLE uni was abandoned. No signs of sim activity anywhere!

Bild 7

*chirr chirr chirr*

Um. Yes. That is supposed to be the sound of crickets.

Bild 8

Well I did hear some music! I found what appears to be some singer-gear...

Bild 9

... The only thing missing was just the singer. o-o'

Meh. No luck finding good genetics this time...

Bild 10

So I decided to send Kaelyn to the café! Maybe it wouldn't be completely abandoned.

Bild 12


Gee, barista calm down and just give her some donuts.

Bild 13

Hmm.. No luck here either! Just a grandma and a vampire chick. Meh.

Kaelyn: *MUNCH*

Bild 14

Apparently there wasn't too much to do since Kaelyn autonomously picked up a book and actually started to study!

Kaelyn: ...

Wow, I'm impressed! It even looks like you're enjoying it a teensy bit.

Bild 15

Kaelyn: Yeah. Right... Enjoying. *cough*

Bild 16

After her second class I spotted Kaelyn running somewhere with an extremely determined look on her face..

Hey! Where are you going??

Bild 17

Kaelyn: I'm busy!!

No seriously, what the fuck.

Bild 18

Kaelyn: Okay. Fine! I'm studying the red pad node!!

o-o'' Right. Sorry, I don't speak science. Come one, let's get you home.

Bild 19

Immediately after we got home, Kaelyn started to trifle with these poisoned apples again...
Please don't tell me you're going to eat that again! Remember what happened last time!

Kaelyn: Nooonono. I'm just trying to convert it to a mammoth tusk.

UM. OKAY. Go on. pleeease.

Bild 20

Kaelyn: Levicorpus!

Uh.. I don't think that's the right spell dear.

Bild 21

Kaelyn: Hmm- Neither do I. That doesn't look like a mammoth tusk.

Bild 22

No, but it's even better! Sell it for some cha-chiing!

Kaelyn: But...

Just sell it!

Kaelyn: It's not.-


Kaelyn: ... a mammoth tusk. *cries*

Bild 23

Kaelyn then spent the rest of the evening studying... wow!

Kaelyn: Meh. I don't really like it here. I just want to get my credits, get home and give my cat a big hug.

Aw, cheer up baby! You'll be home soon. :(

Bild 24

She sure took studying last minute before class to a whole new level. :')

Bild 25

Wow! Five minutes early to lecture and you even choose the front seat next to the nerdy kid everyone dislikes.

Kaelyn: Well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Uh-huh. I see.

Bild 26


But.. There wasn't-...

Kaelyn: I know... I know. There wasn't even a question. Ugh.

Dweeb: OHOOOoI.

Bild 27

Kaelyn: I officially hate uni.

Ya, I bet Hogwarts was cooler.

Kaelyn: Hey!

Bild 28

I see... you gon cast some spell on the building itself. Bwahah.

Kaelyn: Oh, you're completely right on that one...

Wait... What spell?

Kaelyn: Incendio!

Bild 29

Wait. What? NOT AGAIN. Kaelyn! You are misusing your witchy powers!!

Bild 30

And now you're escaping the crime scene!?

Kaelyn: Gee, relax this is just like totally basic. letting off steam you know.

Basic?? I really can't decide if you're crazy or a pyromaniac.

Bild 31

Kaelyn: Laters.

Oh, I know! You're both!

Bild 32

Oh my... She sure managed to create quite the scene.

Bild 33

Luckily, there were some brave enough sims who put out the fire...

Kaelyn: Oh come on! It wasn't that bad!

Bild 34

How dare you eat that sandwich without feeling guilty!?

Bild 35

Kaelyn: Pffft... Watch me.

Bild 36

Ugh, Just. Just study for a bit! Your exams are tomorrow! Then you'll get to go back home, and hopefully your grumpy mood will change as well.

Kaelyn. Fine.

Bild 37

The next day started with a very fitting ''first day of fall rainshower''.

Bild 38

Haha, well Kaelyn sure didn't seem to mind!

Kaelyn: Eeesch, I'm super stressed!

Don't worry, the exams will go just fine!

Bild 39

Kaelyn: Are you shitting me?? It's hailing too?

Now, get inside then! We don't want you to miss the exam, do we?

Bild 40

Well, Kaelyn managed to pass with flying colors! Yay! And also, she got invited to Tammie's bonfire party ( the girl she danced with the whole night a few days ago ) How are you feeling now Kae?

Kaelyn: Much better! All that studying made me grumpy as hell, just one more exam and I'll never have to go to school ever again!!

Haha, guess that's true.

Yes. I do enjoy taking scenery pictures. :)

Bild 42

Well, how did it go??

Bild 43

Kaelyn: I passed with flying colors, again. thank you, thank you.

Congrats! I feel proud :*

Kaelyn: Nyeh-heh. Oh, and I also found a graduating gnome!

Um, Good for you! Not sure what that means but.. let's get you ready for that party!

Bild 44

Kaelyn: Great! I'm off to Tammy's then.

I sure hope you'll have loads of fun! It's your last evening here!

Bild 45

Uh-oh. Just look at that umbrella! Bwahah.

Bild 46

First thing she does when she arrives... takes a selfie! Obviously.

Kaelyn: Hey! It's a must!

What, you gonna post that to simstagram now?
Get it? Simstagram haha.

Kaelyn: Not. Funny.

Bild 47

Kaelyn: Oooh. Look at that fire! It sure needs some more wood!

You, miss Aune. have a serious obsession for fire in general. I reckon that's a problem.

Kaelyn: ... Well, maybe. But it's not a problem!

Darn arsonist...

Bild 48

Kaelyn: Nyeh-nyee. Finally!!

Maan, what is she up to now.?

Bild 49

Kaelyn: Now that's what I call a picture-perfect bonfire!!

... Sigh o-o'

Bild 50

Hey Kae! Look! Something's going on inside! That dude just slapped that girl right in the face!

Kaelyn: Huh!?

Bild 51

She looks really scared! We need to help her!

Kaelyn: Don't you worry. I've got this.

Bild 52

Kaelyn; HEY! Ya big jerk. Easy to punch a woman, is it? Why don't you go pick on someone your own size!

You go girl!

Bild 53

?: No! Please!! She was just stealing my hot dogs and I got mad!

Kaelyn: ... Too late!!

Bild 54

Kaelyn: Glacius!

Ugh, that looks terrifying.

Bild 55

o-o'' those. fingers.

Bild 56

Bild 57

Kaelyn: Whoa, calm down. You should know that's pretty basic by now.

*shivers* ucky.

Bild 58

In the end, Kae and the weird dude got along really well. They spent the whole night talking about cameras .___.'

Bild 59

But soon it was time for Kaelyn to head home...

Bild 60

Kaelyn: Phew. I guess it's time to leave university then..

You've still got a few hours to kill!

Bild 61

... And then she spent her last night looking at cute videos of cats. It even got to the point where she created a blog of her own called lonely pussies. I don't know if I should laugh or cry *-*

Bild 62

Kaelyn got an A on her gpa, and the truck was soon waiting in front of her door. Time to go home then!

Kaelyn: Hasta la vista university life!!

Bild 63

Kaelyn: Ah, how I've missed you Starlight Shores.

Bild 64

Kaelyn: Yup! There's no other place better than home. Aw maan.

Haha, glad you're happy!

Bild 65

The view from Kae's balcony sure isn't too shabby...

Bild 66

Kaelyn: Now... Where's my favorite ball of fur?

Uh... Excuse me?

Kaelyn: My cat, dear.

..  Oh.

Bild 67


Oh, and Kaelyn by the way-


Ehm... Kae?

Bild 68

Kaelyn: What is it?

I-... I just need to talk about something with you.

Kaelyn: About what? Can't you see I'm playing with Siyah.

Weell... About boys. Or you know, girls for that matter too. I'm just saying that you are in a legacy after all...

Bild 69

Kaelyn: *sigh* ... can we pleease just talk about this in the morning? I'm getting pretty tired.

Yeah, of course. Goodnight then!

Kaelyn: Night.

Bild 70

The next morning Kaelyn FINALLY burnt her waffles. Mwahah. ( Important, right? )

Kaelyn: Hey! Calm down, I'm human too!

Heh. Sorry Kae...

Kaelyn: Anyway, about yesterday...


Bild 71

Just.. you know, keep an eye out for someone. Not to pressure or anything, but we have to start looking for some good genes. You know how it goes.. legacy, equals babies, meaning a spouse is kind of necessary.

Kaelyn: Um. sure.

Eh.. sorry, I don't want to force you.

Kaelyn: It's okay... I just don't really know how to act around guys and stuff. You know, I wasn't really allowed to have a boyfriend or anything when I was younger.

Hey, my job is to help you. And you know what we should do?

Kaelyn: Whaat's that?

Get you a job missy!
Start fulfilling your LTW. Being a psychic and all of that.

Kaelyn: Yup! I'm keen.

Kaelyn: But first! Reparo!

Don't you dare put that thing on fire!!!

Kaelyn: Hey! It's just a repair spell. Right, Siyah?

Siyah: *HISSSS*

Kaelyn: Nonono baby, I've told you those slippers arent made out of real cats!!

Siyah: *mew* (darn witches.. bitches)

that cat's crazy..

Uh.. What on earth are you doing now?

Siyah: mew mew! (let's dance mr. uni gnome!!)

... I'm pretty sure that's not how you dance.

Siyah: *hiss*

Unless you're a cat I guess...

Siyah: MEEEW!!

Hey! What!! You're not supposed to do that >.<
Kaaaelyn!! The cat's destroying your university gnome!

Kaelyn: Oh yas! Exactly what I told her to do!

Hey no! It's a nice memory!

Kaelyn: Erm. Uni kind of sucked.


Kaelyn: I was planning on putting that thing on fire...

Uuuum. Okay. Right, well thanks for not letting that happen kitty.

Ready to go get a job? Wee need the cha-chings.

Kaelyn: Mhm. Let's go!

Kaelyn: Towards the Gypsy Wagon! BEEP BEEP, move over ice cream truck!

I just love how she rides her broom everywhere. hah

Kaelyn: I said, BEEP BEEP MOVE OVER!

Whoaa. Careful silly!

Good luck Kae!

Kaelyn: I got the job!

Sweet! Congrats.

Kaelyn: Thanks! I'm now a Horoscope Reader.

Sounds very interesting. Hope you like it!

Kaelyn: I sure will! Now, what else should we do on a fine dayt like this?

Well.. I think there's a simfest going on in the park nearby.

Kaelyn: Let's check it out!

The breathtaking magician chick: Welcome to my show kids. Today I will demonstrate the dental floss trick!! With my.. uh. My... magic. WAND.

The... what exactly was that trick?

Kaelyn: Cuuute! She's not using real magic!


... wow, she's got this.

magician: Uh..... Stupid wand!!! it's um.... kind of broken.

Kaelyn: AHAHAH.

Kaelyn: My gosh, I LOVE this! She's bringing in a volunteer from the audience.

Oh my...

magician: Hello there stranger! Thank you for volunteering today!

?: You... said you would punch me with a cactus if I wouldn'-

magician: -CACTI. I said I would punch with cacti... you know it's the plural of cact-ANYWAY. I will be preforming a knife. trick. thing. VERY DANGEROUS, but you won't die, stranger.

?: Yo this box is a lil sketchy...

?: Um... You hiding drugs in here girl?

magician: JUST. SHUSH. Stay there!

magician: I know exactly what I'm about to do. I swear.

magician: This knife is totally not stuck right now.

magician: SEEE!!!!!?

?: Oh my lord. I'm alive!!

how... she do it? :o

Kaelyn: BOOO. She didn't even fail... *throws newpaper on stage*

Hey! That was good!!

Kaelyn: Nuh- uh. I'm going home.

Kaelyn: Gee, I'm tired...

That's okay. Go to bed. Have a good sleep, because tomorrow is a big day! First day at work.

Tired Sleeping animated GIF


As Kaelyn goes to sleep, I'll end the chapter riight here.
Will she manage work? And most importantly, will she establish essential relationships in time (yeah you guys know what I mean! It's a legacy! :p )
I've almost finished the next chapter, so no worries. More is coming.

It would be great to hear from you guys, comments, say hi, anything really! It's been a long time.
Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you'll be back for more!

PS. Feedback truly makes me excited.

Jim Carrey Thanks animated GIF

The Aune Legacy - Chapter 1.1


Pleased to see you here  :)

This is the first ''real'' chapter of the Aune legacy since our foundress Kaelyn was already introduced in the prologue ( Which you can read by clicking right > here < )

In this chapter you'll get to know Kaelyn much better and also, i she decides to go to university!

Also, thank you to everyone who commented on the prologue, you are all so sweet ! :*

Anyways, sit back and relax for here comes a chapter filled with all things fun and crazy!


Bild 1

Enjoyed the coffee?

Kaelyn: Why yes I did.

Great. Whilst you did that, I managed to decorate the apartment a bit! Some pictures needed perhaps?

Bild 2
Bild 3
Bild 4

I'm really happy with the end result! Ah, I should also add pictures of the blueprints.

Bild 5

The upper floor.

Bild 6

And the downstairs. ( I tend to get a bit confused without clear pictures of the house in legacies, so yeah maybe this will help you ? )

Bild 7

Like it?

Kaelyn: Wow. I love it!

I don't know why, but she really fits into the background! :')

Bild 9

Siyah seems to enjoy the new house too! So cute.

.. Aand here's a proper bio of Kaelyn. As you can see her traits are the following: photographer's eye, daredevil, night owl, cat person and lucky.
Kaelyn loves listening to indie music, she enjoys wearing the color black and has a soft spot for egg rolls. Her LTW is to become a Celebrity Psychic, which means she has to reach level 10 in the fortune teller career.

Bild 11

Hey, Kae !

Kaelyn: What ?

Could you pleeease show me some cool magic spells or whatever? I mean, you're a witch after all !

Kaelyn: I'd rather not...

Oh, come on !

Kaelyn: Ugh, fine.

Bild 12

Kaelyn: Happy..?

OOOH. That's so cool!

Kaelyn: Heh. Really?

Yeah! As long as you don't go all voldemort on me.

Bild 13

Kaelyn: Avada kedavra, bitch.



Bild 14

Anyway, Kae even managed to conjure something that seems to be some sort of an poisonous apple... Apparently so poisonous her fingers seem to melt right through it.

Kaelyn: Nom.

Wait.. You're not going to eat that, are you??

Kaelyn: Yeah... Why not?

Bild 15

Um.. hello ? !Poisonous! remember ?


Shitting me?

Bild 16

Kaelyn: Uh.. I started to feel a bit... Drowsy.

Bild 17

Aaand she's down... Now, what did we learn from this kids ? - Do not eat poisoned apples. Like, Ever.

Bild 18

Bwahah. She even went to bed with her clothes on. :') Just please tell me she isn't going to be asleep for the next hundred years.

Bild 19

Starlight Shores is Puurdy.

Bild 20

Hey! You're up.

Kaelyn: Mhm.

Wait.. Yuck ! What are you doing?? Don't tell me you'll put that spoon back in there.

Bild 21

Kaelyn: Watch me.


Kaelyn: Teehee

Bild 22

Um.. First waffles ever and you didn't burn them ? That's impressive.

Kaelyn: Nah, it's just something I'd call skills

Really? No magic used?

Kaelyn: Eh... no.


Bild 23

So.. Celebrity Psychic, huh?

Kaelyn: Absolutely !

Interesting LTW choice , really. But I was thinking, we need money and that we need fast. If you want money it means you have to get a job soon...

Kaelyn: Logic, yes?

So... Maybe you should go to uni to get a career boost immediately?

Kaelyn: University you mean?

Yeah! Communications, for a term.

Kaelyn: Ooh, why not!

Let's get you downstairs then, do the test for a scollarship!

Bild 24

Kaelyn: Sure, but riight after I finish derping a bit.

Um.. whatever man

Bild 27

Kaelyn: Wait.- You can't bring pets to uni, can you?

Nope. But I'm sure Siyah will be just fine.

Bild 25

Kaelyn: But.. We need our daily hugs !

We need or you need ?'

Bild 26

Kaelyn: Hey! Siyah needs them just as bad as I do. I mean look at her!!

Gee.. I swear she'll become a crazy cat lady when she gets old-

Kaelyn: Hell yes I will! And I'll definitely enjoy every damn minute of it!

cat lady animated GIF

Ugh, repulsive.

Bild 28

Kaelyn: Ugh, bills on the first day ? I really need that job fast then...

Bild 29

Luckily for Kae her lucky trait kicked in just when she needed it. Two random books on the ground equals cha-ching.

Bild 30

Kaelyn: Ooh. Am I doing this the right way ?

Yes, yes you are. But do the test now, dear!

Bild 31

Kaelyn: One plus one equals two, right?

Oh lord, She is definitely not going to get a scollarship....

Bild 32

Aaand.. I was right. But she enrolled anyway.

Bild 33
Bild 34

Kaelyn: I guess I'll be off then!

Hehe, see you in the uni world!

Bild 35

Whilst we wait for Kae to arrive, here is the cute little house she's going to live in !

Bild 38
Bild 36
Bild 37

Bueno I say.

Bild 39
Bild 40

Ah, there you are ! Now, let's get you some friends.. You should go to the Student Union building, they are having something called a ''meet & greet'' event.

Bild 41

Kaelyn: Hee hee. Off we go then !

Wait.. ! Where's your broom? :<

Kaelyn: Ugh, I seriously don't need the attention.


Bild 43

... But not long after Kae had arrived, she already had some... issues, with the vending machine .___.

Kaelyn: HEY! Give...- me.. my money.. back!!!

Bild 42

Whoa.. Dude, hold your horses! We don't want you to make a fool out of yourself on the first day! Or even worse, that machine could kill you!

Kaelyn: *cursing*

Gee, this is a meet and greet! Just look around, try to make some friends...

Bild 44

Kaelyn: Well, there's a girl!

See, a potential friend!

Kaelyn: I wouldn't..-

Oh come on! Go ahead, say hi!

Bild 45

Kaelyn: Um.. Hey, sorry if this is a bit random but...

Bild 46

Kaelyn: ... My name is Kaelyn, or Kae. And I was wondering if you could help me, since I'm a bit lost.. first time in uni, see.

Bild 47

?: Who? Me? Really??! Oh, but I'd love to!! My name is Patricia, but please, go ahead and call me Patty! Oh, we have so much to talk about!!!

Whoa, isn't she eager!

Bild 48

Patty: Wow, you remind me so much of myself when I first came here! So lost... The campus being so biiig. You know, since I'm from Appaloosa Plains.. Not really that-...*BLAHBLABLA.*
OH NOW I REMEMBER! It was the girl with the orange shirt who actually said....- HORSES I love horses and FOOOD you know those crispy things you get at the tiny cafeteria. Mhm, yah so *BLABLAAAAH* really?? You should totally come with me some day!


Bild 49

Phew... The girls actually got along really well, they talked until it got dark and immediately became friends. I guess Kaelyn's more of a listener than a talker.. Heh, I think everyone needs someone like Patty on their first day. Kaelyn got some needed confidence!

Patty: Oh and before you leave, Kae. Remember you're always welcome to hang out with me and my friends, they're all really cool!

Kaelyn: Oh, wow. Thanks ! Appreciate it.

Patty: Heh, see ya around then!

Kaelyn: Bye then.

Bild 51
Bild 52

Sunset in the University world, so pretty !

Bild 53

Poor Kae, she had a pretty rough day. Plus, I'm terrified of that murphy bed .___.


Kaelyn: fuckfuckfuck, what time is it??

What? You in a hurry? OOH. Right. It's time for your first class!

Kaelyn: Shit, I'm going to be late !

Bild 55

Kaelyn: Aw man, Worst thing is trying to find a good seat on the first day of school.

Heh, you'll be juuust fiine.

Bild 56

Aaaand guess who was right, yet again. I randomly found Kae studying with what happened to be a new friend! (you go girl!)

Bild 57

For being late and not having enough time to shower in the morning, Kaelyn had to pay a quite smelly price... Ugh Kae, you need a shower.

Kaelyn: Really? No wonder the guy sitting next to me acted just like the twilight dude... For a second there, I thought he was a vampire...

Oh god Kae. Bwahah.

Bild 58

... But as soon as Kaelyn got home and out of the shower, she fucking managed to get herself all gooey. Are you kidding me?

Bild 59

Kaelyn: But.... but. It was the last one.. :'<

Bwahah, and you're supposed to be a lucky sim?

Bild 60

Apparently Kaelyn then proceeded to comfort herself by watching some telly... Hmm. Wait, no! You can't do that. You're here to be productive and learn! Now, go study, will you?

Bild 61

Kaelyn: No way! That girl is just about to start building the damn snowman!!


Guess, you got interrupted ! Someone's at the door..

Bild 63

Hey! That's the girl from your class. But, Um... why does it look like she really wants to hurt you?

Kaelyn: Ah, you must mean Tammy.

Um, I guess so...

Kaelyn: She's a cheerleader. She's mentally preparing for some big show tomorrow and has asked of my help.

... Your help?

Kaelyn: Magic, you see.


Bild 64

Kaelyn: Okay.. You ready?

Tammy: Bring it on.

Bild 65

Tammy: Um- On second thought.. MAYBE-...

Kaelyn: Too late!!

Oh my....

Bild 66

Pheeew. Fortunate for Kae, her lucky-spell worked perfectly !

Tammy: Wow ! Thanks, Kae.

Okay guys... Now, you two should start studying! Kaelyn, I don't want you to fail any exams!

Bild 67

Kaelyn: Yeah, Yea... Working on it, can't you see?

Feh. Why is it that you're playing with your phone then?

Kaelyn: Come on! I'm studying.

Ah, okay then.

Bild 68

Kaelyn: Yeah... ''studying'' Nyeh-heh.

Bild 69

Kaelyn: Hey! I'm boored.

.___.'' Kae, pleease.

Kaelyn: But I don't feel like studying.

Just look at Tammy! I bet she's not satisfied with a C! Am I right Tammy ..?

Bild 70

Tammy.. ? NOT YOU TOO. Just as I got Kae to study... Tammy, I'm done with your shit.

Tammy: ¡Bailamos!

Bild 72

Kaelyn: Seriously, this is bullshit. Me dance noe.

Goddamnit Tammy, now you encouraged her.

Bild 73

Ugh, I have zero authority. These two continued to dance for a couple of hours. And they both looked absolutely ridiculous. RIDICULOUS, you hear me?

Both: SHUT IT.


Bild 74

In fact they danced until sunrise, which means Kae only got about 1,5 hours of sleep... Smart, huh?

Kaelyn: I feel fine!

Yeah right! Wait until your first class!

Kaelyn: Pfft. Please, I can deal with zero hours of sleep and nobody would notice.

Bild 75

Okay then, time to impress mr. statue guy over there. Hit it Kae

Bild 76

Kaelyn: Heehee. Okay, ladies and gents (and mr. statue guy over there too.) Today I'm going to talk to you guys about a very vital substance that exists in this world in order for us to survive. Namely FOOD.

Heh. Food?... Someone's getting hungry.

Bild 77

Kaelyn: So... as you all may know; there is no sincerer love than the love of food. And all in all life is a combination of magic and pasta. ... mmm , pasta.

Hey! Guess who would have had time for breakfast if she wouldn't have danced all night...

Kaelyn: Shush! Anyway as i was saying- People who eat are the best of people!! *grrrumble*

Kaelyn: Um.. I don't know whether that sound was an earthquake or my stomach...

Kaelyn: Okay. That was definitely my stomach. I need food!! QUICK.

Bwahah. Should I feel bad for laughing at you?


All right, all right. Calm your tits girl.

Kaelyn: Hum-di-dum. ♪ I love food, food loves meee as long as it is gluten free. ♫

Wait. As long as who is gluten free... ? o-o

Kaelyn: WELL-

Just. Nevermind.

Oh shiiie. The dishwasher just broke.

Kaelyn: The fuck! Ugh, I'm too tired to fix it now...

Don't worry, just go to bed. We'll fix it in the morning.

Kaelyn: Fine.

Kaelyn, pleease be careful. Murphy beds are treacherous.

Kaelyn: Yeeah. Whatever.


! You okay???


Kaelyn: I swear to god, I will set your arse on FIRE!!!

*giggle* Told you ! Murphy beds are not to trust.

Wait WHAT?! Did you really.... Oh god!!

Kaelyn: *proud smirk*


Okay you are scaring the shit out of me.

I have created a monster.


I think we should end the chapter here before miss Aune here will set my whole computer on fire... .___.'

We learned yet another lesson; Do not fuck with a witch! Especially not if you're a Murphy bed goddamnit.

Sorry for being extremely late on this one, I just needed a bit of a break from the sims, but then I realized I never published anything more than the prologue. Heh-heh. So, I guess I'm back again amigas and amigos.

Leave me a comment, your feedback is incredibly important to me ♥

Peace out! The next part will be up soon!

The Aune Legacy - Prologue


Hi there !

Whether you clicked on a link leading to this page on purpose or not, I welcome you to this exciting new legacy!
This prologue will be short but full of information on our foundress. The other chapters are going to be a bit more 'legacy-like' than this one.
But without any further ado, please sit back and relax for here comes the Aune legacy! I hope you'll enjoy.

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Why hello there. You wouldn't happen to be Kaelyn, would you?

Kaelyn: As a matter of fact, yes I am. Kaelyn Elvý Aune to be exact.

Ah, so you are my foundress then! Welcome Kaelyn, welcome to Starlight Shores!

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Kaelyn: Please call me Kae. And thank you for letting me stay.

No problem. Now, don't be shy. Feel free to come inside.

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Kaelyn: Wow. This place is enormous.

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Kaelyn: Is this the apartment?

It sure is.

Kaelyn: Very nice.

Indeed. Now, why don't you grab a coffee? I am sure the readers would like to get to know you better.

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Kaelyn: Ah, of course.
Well, as you all probably already got, the name's Kaelyn. And um... I like photographing a lot even though I think I'm terrible at it. Oh, and I adore cats. (Well, who doesn't) But it's something about them that attract me. If I would be an animal I'd love to be a cat. Graceful, Independent and fast. They've got it all! My friends also call me a night-owl. It's kind of true, since I hate early mornings and love to stay up late. I also feel a lot more creative in the night. Luck also seems to follow me around. Or, at least I believe so... otherwise I-.. never mind. And I'm also a daredevil. Definitely. I've never been to a big city before, and I never would have if it wasn't for this trait in particular. Heh.

Mhm. That's interesting. But if you've never been to a big city before, where did you come from?

Kaelyn: I'd rather not go there ...

Ah, I see. But if I don't know where you've come from, I can't know who you are. You're my foundress after all.

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Kaelyn: Fine. *sigh*

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Kaelyn: Yup. That's me. Not even long ago

Wow. Tell me more.

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Kaelyn: I come from a little town, situated near the bit city, Midnight Hollow. In our town, anyone can be who they really are. It has mainly become an escape for supernaturals fearing the city and its threats. But I never really fitted. My biggest dream was to be normal.


Kealyn: Yup. My father is highly positioned in our community. And this was the day. The big day that I had trained for almost my whole life. The day when I would complete the big test in front of the most important leaders. The day when I would accept the community, there is no return after that. After that day would I truly fit in.

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Kaelyn: I had practiced the whole afternoon, and was finally a hundred percent ready.

You're a witch?!

Kaelyn: I.. guess I am.

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Kaelyn: I picked up my wand and started to conjure. But suddenly...

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Kaelyn: Everything got dark.

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Kaelyn: ... And that's when I realized, something had gone terribly wrong. There was a voice inside of me screaming that I had to quit. I was confused since I always had thought that this was my destiny.

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Kaelyn: Finally I got courage to quietly whisper '' I... I cannot do this right now. ''

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'' If not now, then when? You will get no other chance! ''

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'' What is possessing you to say that? If you decide not to, you will be followed by consequences ''

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'' You should know the rules by now ''

Bild 20

Kaelyn: '' ... Father?! ''

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'' Leave before it is too late. Get out. You are not my daughter anymore. ''

BIld 22

Kaelyn: '' Daddy? ... ''

'' ... ''

Kaelyn: He wasn't answering me anymore. I wasn't his daughter. I was sad, confused and angry.

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Kaelyn : '' I'M STILL ME! ''

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Kaelyn: I had no other option but to start running. As fast as I could. I had never felt so alone in my life as I did that night.

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Kaelyn: I had nothing...

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Kaelyn: That is, until I heard about your offer.

Wow. I'm glad you did.

Kaelyn: Heh.

You know what?

Kaelyn: Mhm?

We're going to embrace your magic. After all, being a witch is a huge part of your life.

Kaelyn: I'm not so sure about that... But we can try.

Good. I'm glad to have you as a foundress, Kae.

BIld 36

Kaelyn: Thanks. Oh, I probably forgot to mention. But I brought a special little friend with me.

You did?

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Kaelyn: Meet Siyah.

Heh. I should've guessed. A black cat!

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Kaelyn: What can I say? I love cats and I'm a witch!


Thanks for reading this short prologue! (The full chapters are going to be a lot longer!) This prologue also got a bit dramatic but I can assure you that the writing is going to change and we're going to add some more humor to it too! Hope you guys enjoyed!

(For those who wonder about the Lacunas, I'm sorry to tell you that I wasn't satisfied with the chapters that I wrote, and felt very unmotivated to continue!)

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